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FIRST, you hear it all the time, & you may THINK you know what it means, but what is SYSTEMIC racism?
(Looks South Park-ish; it’s not – 4.5min)


Now that you have a primary component of the American 101s, lock in this Global 101 & perhaps feel even worse about it…

• There is no such thing as a “Black or White” person.

• Humanity as we know it began as ONE species the color of rich Bronze. Through planet-wide migration, changing environments/diets, lighter tones of skin presented over time.

• We were taught otherwise.

• The concept of “race” was invented in the 1400s by Religion.

• “Black” was a label GIVEN thru slavery & “took hold” in the 1600s. Bronze people accepted this because it was a “kinder” term than all others used.

• “White” was created in the 1700s to solidify a sense of “purity”.

• We were taught otherwise.

• Words affect mindsets, mindsets affect attitudes, attitudes affect personalities, personalities affect behaviors, behaviors affect use of words. Even when we don’t speak them aloud. This is known Science.

• Yet some of us think otherwise.

• As words, Black/White either:
– NEVER “meet” = think Yin/Yang
– Co-exist in shades of gray (in every language, “gray areas” are NEVER positive).

• Bronze — Copper — Brown — Gold — Beige
– These are the natural Tones of Humankind, ONE RACE, Shades of Same. These exist together visually AND linguistically. These are what we’ll be using from now on when country specificity isn’t important. Things will shift. Some will be difficult, some will be easy. From Mindsets to Objects.

• There is no otherwise.

• ANY practical question you may have, you’ll find I’ve already answered here & in the Companion Piece.

★ Beginning of June [2020], I created this map of Education, charting the path from Then to Now AND showing some adjustments on a GLOBAL scale to take Humanity Forward, altering our current trajectory. You must again decide if you want to be part of the first to lead this Fundamental Change, or to remain stuck while the World changes around you.
Education, or Ignorance by ignoring. This is your choice.

• HERE’s where you begin if you’ve chosen the Future.
• NOW’s when you’ll remember if you choose the Past.
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
Okay Future-folk, let’s begin tearing down that which no longer serves any of US…

• Part 1a – You’ll catch something that came to pass since the interview, because she herself underestimated the power of fear (11m)


• Part 1b – & as you noted above, the wall was indeed built (all 3 miles of it lol), because other programs were defunded (9.5m)


• Part 1c – Let’s stitch this up (9.5m)


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