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The ALLy Process: Section 2

— No, you didn’t miss “anything”,
Section 1 YouTube video is coming up shortly,
but something to address first..

“The ALLy Process – TAP” is a constant visual experience, & you’ll notice the difference immediately.



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If you’re White, you need to read this.

PLOT TWIST, if you’re Black, you need to read this.

If you have a beating heart meant for something great, you need to read this.

If you’re content with mediocrity but live on Earth … you got it.

If you can’t read, keep listening.

If the colorflip/font are disorienting, you’ll adjust to it, just slow down, &/or break it up into smaller pieces, there’s NO RUSH to finish. Take all the time you need.

If someone sent “ALLy” to you with a “Check this out!” & you’re not sure why, here’s the intro, “The ALLy Process: Section 1”.

If you’ve seen all of Section 1 before, keep scrolling…


• This section between the 2 lines of ▶️ is a copy/paste of the same info located in the YouTube description (aka what I meant in the video when I said, “BELOW”)


** If you’re dying to comment that the “I” is missing in “PERSPECTIVE”, then you missed that the “I” was REMOVED from “perspective”. The “full picture” is ALWAYS bigger than one’s “self”. Keep that in mind…

** You don’t need to inbox me about “STAN” lol .. Odds are I knew about the Eminem song before you did. I own the Dido album .. Thank You (c wut i haz dun?) – Word lessons are about origin AND evolution
[Here’s where I had a link for “Put the ALL in Ally”, but congrats, you’re already here!]
• What is BrainLock?
Dévyan Breaksdown BrainLock

Don’t blame me for the recent escalation of BrainLock incidents, I didn’t design the internet or the socio/psychological problems that came with it .. I just know there’s no spoon

• Full story of AZ – NFL – MLKJr Day:

• Owners/teams to hold accountable & why:
– Daniel Snyder (Washington DC)
[13/7/2020, Snyder said would change it]
[2/2/2022, officially announced as the Washington Commanders]
– Denise DeBartolo York (San Francisco)
– Clark Hunt (Kansas City)

**July 23, 2021: on twitter, Cleveland’s national baseball team announces they’re changing the name from the Indians to the Guardians, w a new mascot & logo. They’ll finish out the year w the former name (as you can see by the twitter handle here — link as is, now defunct)

**May 1, 2024: I finally got around to checking the above link again (been avoiding twitter for obvious reasons, & refuse to call it “X” until its URL changes) .. The handle has been updated, don’t know when, but it was definitely NOT a year after the official team name change (BOTH links will re-route if you have the app & engage it, BOTH links will show as non-existent through regular internet)



Now that you know what’s up, I’ll tell you that no matter your gender, creed, color, or COUNTRY, if you bring a closed-mind, or your own political crap into this, you will fail for now & have to come back to it later, cause this takes no sides & will strike at everyone equally.

It is Scientifically known that emotions “travel” faster than thoughts. A survival instinct to force one to react to danger “before you know” what it is, or even IF it actually is. Sadly, the reactionary part of the human brain literally can’t distinguish between physical pain, & emotional pain, so through this, you may have “compelling feels”:
– One person has those of general empathy
– Another is driven to learn more, & read on
– Those rare few want to rage, & call it bs (there’s Science for that as well)
…Whoever you are, I hope this finds you in an Enlightened enough place in your life that you can be “mindful of your feels”, & use them as sign posts, not direct orders. If you aren’t “there” yet in your life, you may fail now, but this will still remain here for when you’re ready to return. I’ll leave the light on for ya 😉

IGNORE & IGNORANCE have the same root structure for a reason.
Both involve a choice.

Anyone who says this is a waste of your time, wants to keep you ignorant & easier to control. Know this. Let’s lean in…

Being an ally is important, and for any cause, who that applies to can shift. But what if we put the ALL in “ally”? What if this moment is a key opportunity for every single person starving for positive change, to truly BE THAT CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD? Now read that last sentence again, remove “What if” & ditch the ‘?’…

It’s easy to march a certain number of miles in your own shoes for a cause you believe in. The literal act has a beginning & a definite end, for just the hope of it making a difference. But now you must walk for a certain amount of time in someone else’s shoes for a hopeful end, that will definitely make a difference in you. You are more important than you realize in this because, yes, it’ll be great to change the System, but YOU ARE A PART OF THAT SYSTEM. We all are, & unless there are fundamental changes in the core workings of that System (i.e., Us), we are literally swapping out old problems for new. & by new, I mean older. What’s known to more Black folk than White, is that some of the progress Society made in the Civil Rights Movement was only on the surface. What actually happened is most of the racism became suppressed, NOT ERADICATED, & this is how we find ourselves here, now. Bittersweetly, we’re about to repeat history. Yes, more people will fundamentally change, & this current set-up with its issues will be restructured, but suppression & tolerance will do the heavy lifting, leaving Society vulnerable to a re-occurrence of this virus that will infect the NEW SYSTEM too, because “the System” is not an actual thing, just a label we give to a machine made up of “flawed parts”. If every individual part is flawed, how can that machine be fixed? If We As Individuals Do Not Fundamentally Change, Then Nothing About The System Will Fundamentally Change.

So how do we bring about this Change?
– Love is not enough (a great catalyst as a noun; as a verb, too draining to maintain for those unaware of its proper source)
– Empathy does not last (the pain wasn’t yours to begin with, so OF COURSE your brain will ditch it at first opportunity .. the potency of all the experiences/stories you’ve heard & witnessed to stir you into action will fade)  
– Tolerance is NOT the answer we’ve been taught it was (as you’ll learn)
– Thoughts & Prayers are palliative to tragedy, not preventative
– Want (ask a poor child Christmas morning, or a hungry child Christmas night about the power of “want”)

The only way to bring about Fundamental Change:
– Education
– Personal Experience (preferably shared .. a community holds itself more accountable than an individual can or will, & aids in times of support, akin to a sponsor in AA)
– That’s it

“But Dévyan, what about…” No. That’s. It. Everything your brain wants to do right now is a reflexive response to the appearance of an easy feat. It WILL NOT be easy, because as we’ve ALL witnessed recently, Education isn’t easy. Even when you serve it up like in school. However, in school we either HAD to be there, or CHOSE to be there, & Education was the price to move forward or out. Those factors alone are massive in the Educational process. This is the Middle Way of Learning and Change. The individual has to choose it or be forced by circumstance. & now you’ve gotten to why I’ve designed the intro this long. As you’ve been reading, you’re solidifying your initial choice to make the World better [while some of you are still just playing at “curious” … I see you 😉 (I don’t, but your existence is an inevitability already factored in .. Because Maths)].

ACTION will happen (to quickly readdress your prior concern), on its own. That’s what ACTION is. Things from the former list will repeatedly fail (even when combined w each other), but when ADDED to the latter list of information, preparation, & personal experience, ACTION WILL HAPPEN, because YOU ARE HAPPENING. There are only rare moments when we’re not. Sitting on the couch, accomplishing a goal for work, pursuing a dream, in the mind of another, YOU ARE HAPPENING. And when enough people Fundamentally Change, action becomes perpetual, & you’ll find each other. Some will have the ideas, others the tools, more others the hands to use them. ACTION. WILL. HAPPEN. But first, You. Must. Change.

Have a pen/paper handy, you may want to jot things down. Musings, questions for me, or just good ol’ info. This is NOT designed to happen in one sitting, but it can be done. Go AT YOUR OWN PACE, & don’t just “read the words”. The videos are 90% of this, what I’m saying is supplementary .. guide-rails on the road to Objective Truth. The only guarantee I can make is that if you don’t finish as I’ve presented it, you will be lesser for it. If you choose to bail, or just read what I wrote, promise to “come back to it later” but never do, then live the rest of your life knowing that even if you become the BEST version of yourself, one time, for some reason, you chose not to do it sooner.

At the first video, you may go “Oh, I know what this is about”. Do not stop. The process IS the process. The longer ones don’t have to be done in one sitting, just make sure you pick up where you left off (jot the time down on that handy paper). Familiar with the material or not, go AT YOUR OWN PACE. Some things you’ll want to sit with, talk about, share right away. As soon as you recognize the power of it, you may want to have someone go thru it with you (together or separate). These are all GREAT things, & there’s no upper age limit. “OLD DOGS CAN’T LEARN NEW TRICKS” IS A MYTH, literally & figuratively. The lower age limit is 7yrs old, & they should ONLY WATCH the “Child Exercise” section of Part 4 (time frame is listed there), & the Sesame Street video from CNN’s Town Hall discussing racism.
Humanity needs this message & process to spread, & by the “end” you’ll know why & how “The Exercise” hasn’t. If you speak another language & want to translate this text, FEEL FREE. Again, this is by no means limited to America, as you’re about to discover.

When you hear her relate how the ignorant few speak to her & of her, these are obviously those who “had something to lose” by what she was doing. Yes, I have intentionally still not mentioned who “she” is. She is not an expert in economics or politics, but what she IS an expert in is WHY YOU’RE HERE.

I don’t wish I could do this with one click. The process IS the process. You have to choose to continue, you have to want to learn, to be a better human being than when you woke up today. You are either going to change, or crawl right back into the hole misnamed a “safe place”, but is really “willful obliviousness, blissful ignorance”.

I’ve placed the 4 parts (6 vids) out of chronological order simply because it’s better for you that way, organized in the best “self-educating” format possible. Of course, some of it’ll repeat because you’ll need to hear some things again, & usually when she speaks, it’s with the speed of someone who has said the same thing over & over, & the sharp edge of constantly “checking” people (usually male), but she answers EVERY question she creates, & every reference has a source. She is a psychologist, a teacher, a writer, a professional speaker. By the end of this some WILL LOVE HER, others will simply respect her. But I say genuinely consider before starting, all the valuable practical & sentimental information you would not have, starting from 6yrs old onward, if you chose to only learn from people you “liked right away”.

When it comes to the specifics, we have different ideas of what a better World looks like, but in the broader sense we agree on one part of the process to getting there (even the psychopaths) = Having all the factual information we can to make the Best Possible Decisions For Our Lives. This is what I’ve constructed. You won’t need to read all the books she references, you knowing yourself better than anyone, will instinctively decide on which parts you want to further your knowledge on, but EVERYTHING YOU NEED to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE IS ALREADY HERE. Step one is assessing what you think you know, how it got locked in there, & most importantly, why it was given to you that way. Remember these are re-arranged, let’s begin…

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