I can rebuild them
I have the technology
Better than they were before
Better, Happier, Wiser

Collected hyperlinks to my works that CAN do some or all of the mentioned above, listed in no particular order .. unless you count “very”
~ Just take the leap “over the rainbow”
(more to follow .. calm down, it’s a NEW page .. fuckin yeesh)

⭐️ Lookin for info about an upcoming show??

⭐️ A FREE Educational tool I created that deconstructs the larger structure of racism, and broadens Empathy
↗️🌈 The ALLy Process” (TAP)

⭐️ Motorcycle road trip docuseries covering a stretch of the U.S. Ewan McGregor didn’t
**I join the adventure near end of Episode 1 (where I am kind of a “Phantom Menace” ha)
↗️🌈 “Open Roads: Pacific Coast Highway” youtube playlist

⭐️ Some of you have no idea what’s comin, makin me peanut butter & jealous
🚨 for strongAF language & MAD increase in sound
**More original content on my YouTube channel, bite-sized amount here in MEDIA
↗️🌈 Tenacious Tribute with Dévyan DuMon

⭐️ Harder for me to believe than you, but due to high request volume, & the amount of money it generates (which I can divert to more fulfilling projects/endeavors), I FINALLY have a page for <drumroll> OnlyFans. Even if not a fan of the platform, you definitely want to at least check out THE MOST UNIQUE PROFILE on Planet Earth
↗️🌈 OnlyFans

⭐️ Ever wonder HOW the beef (sorry vegans) between Dave Chappelle & some members of the LGBTQmunity™ actually started, or think you already know? Think again…
↗️🌈 Taylor Swift vs Dave Chappelle