In addition to starting his own production company in 2019, “firewaterz“, Dévyan DuMon is one of those performers that truly “makes it look easy.”  Weaving together topics from the politically serious, to the socially riotous, he’ll get a laugh out of you whether you want to or not.  “Some people think there are certain things you can’t laugh about.  I like to prove ‘em wrong.  Whatever bothers you in life is gonna catch up to you.  Either let it out in a laugh now, or it’ll come out as a gray hair later… you decide.”  Whether in his column “Chaos Theory“, giving life to a character for independent films (Disk Jockey/Synthetic Truth), or simply sharing his gift of comedy to the masses, Dévyan DuMon will put a spark in your heart and a smile on your face.

~ WINNER: “Best of Phoenix”, formerly the premiere stand-up competition in AZ. Currently a “hired-gun” that tightens up & elevates scripts for studios as well as independent filmmakers, he’s also shared the stage with some of the comedy game’s hardest hitters & personal favorites, like D.L. Hughley, Marc Maron, Joe Rogan, “Chelsea Lately’s” Chelsea HandlerPatton Oswalt,“CONAN’s” Deon Cole, Neal Brennan, Harland Williams, Sarah Silverman, Jim Gaffigan, Doug Stanhope, and many more!! “Look man, if you want comedy that’s gonna bust your gut and possibly make ya spit your drink out in your date’s face, come check out a show.  I guarantee you’ll tell your friends about me… and your date’ll think you’re a freak; not the circus sideshow type, the cool rock star type. I bring people together.”


He’s from Then and resides Here, Now, Earth, 3rd Rock, Blue Planet, where the crew & passengers of the Battlestar Galactica fleet, he truly believes, will someday find and make their home. (but he was born in Oklahoma)