This has nothing to do w the Ticketmaster debacle, if anything, THAT just highlights how she can survive ANY illusory controversy, which leads us to…
IF you HAVEN’T seen the Swift music video that caused “all” the hubbub, bub, then be an informed citizen, watch it now, & monitor your own feels regarding use of the word “fat“..


The removed shot from the scene at 2:00

Every artist decides if they wanna bend-over-backwards for the uninformed masses. Sometimes when there’s a “clash”, an objective person can see both perspectives & point out “Yep, here’s the spot where it gets ‘muddy'”, but in this case, ONE side IS wrong. Taylor used “fat” IN the context of HOW it was meant to be taken. Negatively, a way to shame one’s self or another, be it actual weight problems or body dysmorphia, so it was even NARRATIVELY ON POINT, as well as artistically.

Now if your mindset is that WHATEVER her artistic stance, by using that word in that context, she’s painting being overweight in a negative light (being “fat-phobic”), Imma need you to fuck ALL THE WAY OFF A STEEP CLIFF with that bullshit.
Re: the “negative connotations” associated w obesity, news flash .. BEING OVERWEIGHT IS NOT A GOOD THING. For your health, or overall quality of life.
“By whose standards, Dévyan?”
And I will debate that advising someone to “take better care of themselves”, or letting them know that if they decide to live a healthier lifestyle (which IS a chore, considering U.S. culture SUPPORTS, CATERS TO, INDOCTRINATES unhealthy living, mental & physical), I’ll insist giving them knowledge of your support, IS A GOOD THING, & LEAGUES APART from punishing, ostracizing, bullying. Buddha that I be, one gets my Namasté for contentment, but that feeling is OFTEN confused w resignation, an accepted sense of hopelessness/defeat.

But I digressAF, T-$wift is such a pure light that the idea of “hurting” people hurts her (even if their pain is mis-marked levels of perceived transgression), but she’ll do whatever she must to sooth that pain, theirs & hers by proxy. Or maybe her “handlers” insisted she cave. WHODAFUQKNOWS besides that squad. Yet, the RESULT = bending over, which is on brand for
Swift Inc .. except for those times where she broke up w guys because she didn’t want to be bent over.
**Look, I have no idea why she went through relationships like a teenage boy goes through clean socks, & I really don’t care .. JUST LET ME LIVE MY COMEDY LIFE.


Ever wonder HOW Dave Chappelle “got himself into trouble”?

Guess what, he didn’t, which is why the above was put into quotes.

Some people CHOSE to take what he said the wrong way. Yup, that’s something humans do OFTEN. Just because a group is marginalized, that DOESN’T AUTOMATICALLY MEAN they’re always a victim, or even correct when same group declares such.

Dave KEPT reiterating, “If you go back & listen to what I said..”, but let’s be honest.. SO MUCH TIME & MATERIAL has gone by since it all started, who’s gonna do the hard work no one else wants to do for others, or even self? Me, that’s fuckin who.

In chronological order, here’s the path, the list of “Trans jokes” in Dave Chappelle’s NETFLIX SPECIALS that added to THE GREAT WAUXK-ening of ye late 20teens:
⭐️ What is WAUXK™

– Timestamped for easy scrubbing

– Context added where pertinent, for the lay-folk who can only process things as given

⭐️ The AGE of SPIN
– 33.30 [➡️ 37.50] T has the toughest road ahead, longest mental gap to bridge
– 36.20 Trans “gangsta” in business meeting
– 37 Best friend w seemingly “outlandish” idea

⭐️ DEEP in the HEART of TEXAS
– 2.20 Plaid in NY
– 12.20 Niggers/Fags/Junkies (here he’s using the elitist’s voice/language, not his own)
– 39.30 What could be manlier
– 40.18 TRUE STORY abt a “man in drag”

– 14.15 [➡️ 27] .. You know who hates me the most? Trans community (referencing blowback from “Age of Spin” special)
– 1.00.5 If I tell a joke that makes you want to beat up a Trans, you’re prolly a piece of shit & don’t come see me any more

– Opening: Everything is funny til it happens to you
(commentary on how it’s much easier to laugh at/with others, but when the comedic gaze is turned on ourself, the individual has a CHOICE: Remember it’s a joke, or take it as a personal attack)

– 21.50 [➡️ 31.20] Unwritten rule of Artistic expression .. never upset the Alphabet ppl

– 9.30 Speaks for itself

How did Dave get it? CAUSE EVERYONE W/O THEIR HEAD UP THEIR ASS COULD OBJECTIVELY SEE HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING WRONG .. funny, uncomfortable, ABOUT EVERYONE, yes, but NEVER WRONG. However, one group CHOSE not to laugh WITH, but instead feel laughed AT, & dragged along all the dipshits incapable of independent thought/inspection. The last special he did (“Closer”) was to hold them accountable, not for missing the joke, because hey, “that happens”, but for doing REAL DAMAGE W/I their own community.
(& we all know how much ppl like being shown they fucked up & told to take responsibility, amirite?)

🦉🏔 Real substantial growth AS A SOCIETY, A HUMAN COLLECTIVE can ONLY be achieved through INCLUSION. Through being questioned, showing vulnerability, opening up to investigation that sometimes takes the guise of “good natured ribbing”, like w/i a family or childhood friends. To ever take it personally when it’s CLEARLY not the intention, sets up you/your group to be EXCLUDED from further conversation, cause NOBODY WANTS TO BE AROUND A STICK IN THE MUD. In a TEDtalk, or any other serious setting where discussions are solution focused, feel free to assume or even request levity be at a minimum, but FOR THE LOVE OF WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IN (if anything) TO HELP MAKE SENSE OF THE COSMIC CHAOS WE’RE ALL BORN INTO, let Comedians comede. The Great ones are literally just trying to help.

So what was Dave Chappelle’s mistake?

Assuming his prior body of work spoke to at least THAT Truth, extending the benefit of doubt to those who FELT cut by his razor-sharp wit.

But what do I know, I never went to college..

Namasté, yo
~ Dévyan