Thanks for taking time to surf my part of the Matrix; try not to get lost down the rabbit hole.

SIDEBAR: May 20th 2020

What’s strange now, is that I created this intro page back in 2014. Long before people took one of my favorite movies of all time (“The Matrix” in case not obvi to you), & started twisting it to suit their goals of misinformation, whether intentional, or because they got misled by someone else. Yeah, I get that some are drawn to it the way some are drawn to “Catcher in the Rye” — (if unfamiliar, click title for context). Both CitR and The Matrix “spoke” to a lot of us, & though it didn’t “say the same thing to everyone”, we got what we needed. What I don’t need, are “Take your Red Pill and WakeUp, sheeple!” zealots on social media, snapping pics w handfuls of cough medicine, acting like they have THE TRUTH, when they don’t even have A CLUE. So back to me, I’ve had this concept since ’14, but it’s getting tainted: Do I risk visitors who don’t know me, thinking I may be one of THOSE PEOPLE?? Then I remembered something very important … I don’t care. I can absolutely NOT control what others think of me, so refuse to alter my loves, or the way I live my life, due to the idiosyncrasies of a few (Oh, I so very much wanted to type “idiotic synchronicities”, but it wouldn’t even have applied in that situation. The causal connection IS discernible. But words are so much fun, though!). & here we are. Thank you for taking time out of the time you already took, to sidebar with me. It was trés InceptionAF (that’s a lotta meta, bruh). We now return you to our regularly scheduled program after a brief word from our sponsor

[FADE IN] … Although, since I’m still ALL about Free Will, I gotta offer you a Red or Blue Pill, available in the gift shop, HERE … *waiting for your choice*

*4th-Wall break* [Pre-sidebar era, there was a design element that smoothly transitioned to this next bit, but now it’s the honor-system, so I’ll just react as if you chose the Down For Hijinks & All-Around Tom Fuckery Red Pill]
*LEGO Master Builder Emmet repairs the 4th-Wall*

YOU DID IT!!! …& so the adventure begins, Copper Top. Then again, if you’re reading THIS part, you’re a badass & already tumbling down. I like your style. Menu’s in the upper-right corner (or straight-up on desktop), knock yourself out

** (The lawyers of Dé would like to advise you to please NOT knock yourself out.)

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  • Hello!! was nice to meeting you, and about skydiving thanks for the advices was a lot of fun!!! hope we see us again someday!! take care hombre! 🙂 say hello to ashley please!! bye bye

  • Talented should be his middle name! It was nice meeting you! Hope your show this weekend goes well! I’ll be in Venice! See ya around!

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